Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our Vision

The purpose of the Bird Agenda is to work collaboratively to benefit the numerous migratory, breeding, and wintering birds in Nashville by increasing awareness and education, reducing bird hazards, and by conserving and restoring important habitat.

To make Nashville a city that is safe and welcoming for birds, and inclusive of all communities in engagement and educational activities. 

Photo by James Fullerton

Supporting Urban Bird Conservation 

Across North America, bird populations have declined by 2.9 billion since 1970, posing a significant conservation challenge. Urban areas, however, can play a vital role in reversing this trend by creating safer, healthier environments for birds. Through community engagement and targeted conservation efforts, cities can mitigate threats such as building collisions and habitat loss, thereby improving bird survival rates.

The Urban Bird Treaty (UBT) program facilitates these efforts by partnering with cities to enhance their livability for nesting and migrating birds. By promoting simple actions like keeping pets indoors and minimizing nighttime lighting during migration seasons, the UBT program empowers individuals and communities to contribute to bird conservation. Through comprehensive planning and collaborative initiatives, UBT partners work towards systemic changes that integrate bird conservation into urban development, ensuring sustainable outcomes for both birds and people.

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