Education and Engagement 

Education and Engagement 

Goal: Educate and engage urban communities in caring about and conserving birds and their habitats

Promoting public enjoyment, awareness, knowledge, and concern are crucial to achieving urban bird conservation in the short-term and for long-term sustainability. Communities that are enthusiastic about and appreciate birds, informed about their benefits and threats, and empowered to become Educationinvolved in conservation, can make a significant contribution to maintaining healthy bird populations. Likewise, local individuals, families, and communities benefit tremendously by spending time in nature and watching birds near their homes and in their cities. Thus, creating opportunities for local communities to engage in bird-related education, recreation, science, monitoring, and conservation activities is a major goal of the UBT program. Collaborative programs and activities that are community-directed and led can achieve the greatest results for both birds and people.


  • Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day
  • Increase awareness of birds and their habitats in your community
  • Educate and engage youth and young adults including diverse underserved communities
  • Involve the community in conservation and stewardship
  • Promote community science, monitoring, and research

Activities: UBT partners in Nashville are reaching the greater community through outreach and educational activities and volunteer events involving bird appreciation, conservation, habitat restoration, and community monitoring opportunities. These include a wide variety of community science programs, teacher workshops, and educational programs through many local nature centers. With these opportunities in mind, partners are specifically looking to engage diverse youth and young adults in underserved communities. By celebrating World Migratory Bird Day, increasing awareness of birds and their habitats, and proving opportunities for the community to participate in conservation and stewardship activities, Nashville partners are helping people deepen their understanding of and connection with nature.

One of Nashville’s biggest educational goals is to educate and engage residents and community members about the Purple Martins. Since 2003, Purple Martins have formed a large migration roost in or near downtown Nashville during their annual migration southward. In 2020 they made national headlines when approximately 150,000 roosted at the Nashville Symphony Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The migration received local and national attention. As the birds have continued to return to Nashville annually in astounding numbers, UBT partners are working to capitalize on this spectacle and educate and engage residents on what it means to host these incredible birds.

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